kate's story

Kate, a 2020 high school graduate residing in Palos Verdes with her family, has always had a love for all things art (whether it be singing, dancing, painting, drawing, writing… you name it!). As a high school freshman, she began learning the art of calligraphy. She now runs her business, Pen’d Calligraphy (, from the little desk in the corner of her room. The journey began in early 2017, when she first opened her Etsy shop.


Her goal is to offer inspirational home decor and gifts that inspire people to surround themselves with words that speak to them. In addition to framed wall art, she also does chalkboards/menus, logo design/branding, wedding and event packages, and any other calligraphy/lettering projects you might have in mind! 


Kate is eager to spread positivity in this unprecedented time, and hopes her mask designs will bring a smile to you and your loved ones, not to mention keep you healthy and protected.